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Elle Ullmann

CEO & Founder,

MELT Music & Media Agency

Tech Investor

Advisory Board Member XSET Gaming/Talent Buyer/

Producer/Music Artists Mgr/

Co-Manager Tik Tok Influencers 

DadLife Jason/Momlife Patience

Partner SULT Agency

E-mail: elle@meltmma.com





About Elle

Elle Ullmann is a tech investor, a media dynamo, and the queen of connecting people. She is the Co-Manager of Tik Tok Influencer Dadlife Jason, manages multiple music artists, is an investor of the E-Sports team XSET, is a partner at the music marketing agency SULT, and is the founder of the 2021 Houston Fusion Fest.

Elle grew up attending The Buckley School,  one of the premiere LA prep schools, who’s roster includes the Who’s Who in entertainment. She loves animals and grew up with a monkey named Clyde, and two Gorillas, Sam and Sophie. Since she was just a child, she has always been immersed in the entertainment industry, and these experiences have guided her in business and in life.

Elle tapped into her background and entrepreneurial side and helped create the Greenwich-based entertainment, lifestyle, and performance sport companies Hashtag Board Co., The HashLife Company, and RU3 Performance. From promoting different kinds of celebrity music events around the globe such as rapper Waka Flocka, Pia Mia, Jason Darulo and others, Elle catapulted the family’s businesses into unprecedented popularity among the younger demographic across the globe.

Elle’s, love for music led her to her next business venture, WriteMySong, where she met Vincent Berry, who won 2 Grammys as a co-writer of Beyonce’s Sandcastles, when she was attending a music business conference at Harvard University..

It was there that she saw the opportunity to fuse music and branding, and expanded this concept into MELT Music & Media Agency.  

She is a partner at SULT Agency, where is she partners with DJ E Feezy, who has his own label at RocNation. SULT Agency is home to the first ever music meta-label, and is built to help artists elevate their careers.

Elle is passionate about community service, social awareness, and mentoring youth to help them learn how to to create and grow their income for lifelong financial security. She believes consistency is one of the top 10 attributes of success. One of Elle’s favorite quotes is ”Success is a series of successful days.” She is shareholder of Equalitude, a company built on conscious commerce and whose slogan is “An Attitude of Equality”, and she signed a global license for UNESCO Center for Peace to promote equality worldwide.

Where is she investing? AR, AI, and 5G Stocks, Audience Building Platforms, Music and Gaming distribution platforms, and API ad and payment integrations.





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